Celebs who died after 2000


Stars rise… and fall. The best thing a star can wish for is to leave this world without actually falling – still at the height of their fame. But some leave too early or unexpectedly, in tragic circumstances or with undeserved suffering. Some of the celebrities we remember here have made a controversial reputation, some have gained genuine admiration, but one thing is for sure: they have created something they are worth remembering for.

1 Michael Jackson (1958-2009)

Photo: thewowstyle.com

There is no living person on Earth who doesn’t know Michael Jackson and the story of his troubled life. Besides his invaluable contributions to music, the King of Pop was mostly famous for his excessive use of plastic surgery that led to his dramatic transformation. As he gradually became paler, he got accused of bleaching his skin, but he claimed to suffer from vitiligo that causes his skin losing pigment. His music career was literally on top, but after false sexual abuse allegations, his personal life got in the spotlight. Even his death stirred the news and the internet causing websites to crash due to user overload. In 2009, Jackson became the best-selling albums artist.