TOP 10 Strangest Crossbreed Dogs


#1 Dalcorgi – Corgi and Dalmatian


photo: www.dogbreedslist.info, www.vijesti.me

Picture a corgi with shorter feathered fur, now only covered in black patches on a white background. This is what you get when you cross a Dalmatian with a Corgi. This is a sweet dog, which retains a small and manageable size, with the shape of the Corgi and the stand-out looks of the Dalmatian.
This crossbreed is friendly and enthusiastic, making for a great family pet. Playful and good with children, this dog is charming and playful, wanting to use up his high energy levels by being part of all family activities. The Dalcorgi needs attention, companionship and training – also because it is highly intelligent and needs to be socialized and taught appropriate behavior.

photo: utulkovo.teraz.sk