TOP 10 Strangest Crossbreed Dogs


#9 Schörgi: Corgi and Sheltie


photo: 3milliondogs.com, www.yankee-shelties.com

A difficult portmanteau name to pronounce for a stout shepherd dog, which lies low to the ground. This crossbreed combines the Corgi and the Shetland Sheepdog, making for a loyal, intelligent, alert and active dog. This cross-breed has a pleasing temperament and while it can be a great companion pet, it needs to be kept busy. Intelligent and obedient, this cross-breed seeks to please its human. With such headstrong herding genes from both parents, this dog certainly needs a gentle but confident and consistent pack leader to direct them towards appropriate behavior. It is recommended that the Schörgi is well trained and socialized prior to putting him into contact with young children, due to the tendency to herd. We’re still not sure how sensible it is to selectively breed a sheep dog that will be challenged when running due to being so close to the ground – but still, the Schörgi’s lovely temperament and gentle nature will help it overcome this hurdle!


photo: www.thechobble.com